Limited // Nike // iK

Nike’s Innovation Kitchen (iK), at their headquarters in Beaverton Oregon, is where all the magic happens. Call it the world’s greatest think tank for sneakers or the birthplace of the almighty Air Jordan. Anything goes and anything is possible.

For all you San Diego Chargers fans out there here’s a little limited edition Air Force 1 they did for your boy LT — P.S. I’m still not sure if the 1 is a pun.

Nike Air Force 1 iK – LaDainian Tomlinson – 1 of 1 (probably sitting on LT’s mantle)

Georgia Tech (Lambda Chi)

You G A

Last night. Tri Delt. UGA. Awesome. You gotta check out Athens, Ga.

U of A // Theta

We heart Theta.

Cookie Cake. True Love.

Thanks for the great night!